What guitars does this warranty apply to?

This warranty applies to all American Showster guitars both vintage (1990s) and new (2015+) collections that are sold after May 3rd 2014 that come with the prerequisites required to verify ownership and authenticity of the guitar. This warranty covers guitars which are sold strictly in America from the American Showster website and or any of it’s affiliates or dealers via a digital or physical retail store front.

How does the Limited Warranty apply to the guitar?

American Showster attests that this guitar was built exactly to spec and each and every component of this guitar has been approved by an American Showster Certified luthier. At time of packaging this guitar was tested and approved to be working properly by an American Showster Certified luthier. Confirmation of the guitar audit should be evident by the Certificate of Authenticity which is provided with every guitar purchased from an American Showster website, affiliate or certified dealer. This warranty applies only to the original owner of the guitar and can not be passed on unless otherwise noted in written form by an American Showster representative.

American Showster is an American based company located in New Jersey. We have a certified group of luthiers and dealers located throughout the east coast. In most cases the same certified dealer that you purchased your guitar from has a certified American Showster luthier on site.

If you guitar meets the credentials for replacement you can have your defective guitar or individual components either repaired or replaced free of charge at either a certified American Showster luthier or the American Showster headquarters. Any item that requires replacement or repair may have to be shipped back to the American Showster headquarters if the issue can not be resolved at a American Showster certified dealer or luthier location.

What does this Limited Warranty cover?

This Limited Warranty is applied only to the original retail purchaser and covers all parts of the guitar 90 days from the date of delivery or in store purchase.

What must you do to keep the Limited Warranty in effect?

The Limited Warranty is only effective if:

  • The guitar is used under normal conditions for its intended purpose.
  • The guitar receives all necessary maintenance and adjustments.
  • You are able to provide a proof of purchase by receipt or other recorded transaction.

What is not covered in this Limited Warranty?

This Limited Warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, normal maintenance items, or any damage, failure, or loss that is caused by improper reassembly, maintenance, adjustment, storage or use of the guitar. The following items are not covered in this Limited Warranty:

  • Basic wear and tear such as strings, frets, saddle, batteries and fastening or construction components.
  • Damage incurred to the instrument due to modification or attempts to alter or enhance components of the guitar. Also including any changes or damage due to a non American Showster authorized dealer or luthier.
  • Changes in color or finish due to variations in temperature or improper storing of the guitar. This includes rusting, warpage, separation in wood, cracks and chips for both the body, paint and or lacquer finish and components of the guitar.
  • Changes in color or finish due to improper maintenance or cleaning of the guitar. Some cleaning chemicals can damage the paint or finish of your guitar indefinitely. We strongly encourage you to only use American Showster approved cleaning solutions on your guitar.
  • Changes in appearance due to normal usage, periodical ware and tare, and or neglect.
  • Changes in appearance and parts and or part functionality due to random acts of nature or typical ageing.
  • Guitars without a Certificate of Authenticity or serial number. At least one of the two is needed to verify the authenticity of the guitar.
  • Any guitar which was not purchased from the American Showster website, American Showster affiliate or an American Showster authorized dealer. Warranties can not be transferred from one owner to another unless written consent is provided by American Showster.

If for any reason the guitar needs to be shipped to an American Showster authorized dealer or luthier, all required payment and insurance practices will be the responsibility of the consumer (the owner). in no way is American Showster responsible for the quality of your item during shipping or travel to these dealer locations.

EFFECTIVE DATE: March 3rd 2014