American Showster Certified Luthiers

Paul Unkert
Paul Unkert | Master Luthier

With a resume of clients too long to list Paul routinely works on instruments that most repairmen never get to see, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a passion for the routine. From great setups to major structural repairs, Master Luthier Paul Unkert has always provided unmatched results.

Paul Unkert has been building and repairing guitars for the past four decades for some of the most famous artists of our time and he is the exclusive American Showster® certified Master Luthier for good reason – he was there from the start.  Paul has been the lead guitar counsel for American Showster for the last 25+ years and will continue to counsel the brand in the future product ventures.

Paul is currently charged with the evaluation, preparation and final inspection of the remaining American Showster® stock.  He is there to ensure that the guitars we deliver to our customers are working as intended before delivery.  He will also be the one signing the Certificate of Authenticity for your American Showster® Guitar.

American Showster® will be releasing a brand new line of guitars, among them, will be a limited number of the famed AS-57 recreated in the eyes of the master luthier himself, Paul Unkert.  Paul will be signing every one of these guitars after inspection.